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Optional Games of Play 4


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Mob Wars

Group Size: 15 and up
# or teams: 3
Duration: as long as the defending team bids.
Field/s used: any
Objective: For one smaller team to hold out against a larger attacking force
Rules / General Description: Split group into three equal teams.  Place a flag in a defensible area.  Then each team “bids” in order of how long they think they can hold out against the other two teams combined.  I.e. Team one “we can hold out for 5 minutes”.   Team two “We think we can hold out for 8 minutes”.  Team three, and one “good luck”.  The team that “wins” the bid gets to set u a defensive area to protect the flag. As soon as they are ready the two remaining teams working together try and touch the flag.  The defending team wins if it prevents the attackers from getting to the flag in the time bid. The attackers win if they can do it in less time. 
Alternate rule: If the area is easy to defend.  Every 2 minutes allow all the eliminated players from the attacking team to “re-spawn” and get back into the game.  The defending players are not allowed to “re-spawn” 


(good for bachelor parties)

Group Size: any
# or teams: 2
Duration: 10 minutes
Field/s used: any medium or larger
Objective: Stay alive
Rules / General Description: Split group into two teams.  All of the players vs. one.  The one player is the terminator and can not die.  He only loses when he says the game is over.  If the terminator gets shot he keeps going.  If one of the other players gets shot he is dead and must go to the dead box. The game ends when the terminator doesn’t want to get shot anymore or all the other players have been eliminated. 

Cale’s Capture the Flag

Group Size: any large group
# or teams: 2
Duration: 15 minutes or longer
Field/s used: Castle
Objective: To bring back both flags to your starting position
Rules / General Description: Split group into two even teams.  Hang two flags; one at the Keep (West end of Castle), and one on the opposite tower (East end of Castle).  Teams start opposite each other on the North and South Towers.  The objective is to bring both of the flags back to your own tower.  This is a re-spawn game.   I.e. if you get eliminated put your gun above your head and run back to your starting area.  The catch… if you can ring the gong then the opposing team no longer gets to re-spawn. First team to get both flags back to their starting area wins.



Group Size: Any Size
# or teams: 2
Duration: 5 Minutes..   Sometimes less
Field/s used: The Farm
Objective: Survive
Rules / General Description: Split up into 3 equal teams. Two teams play the Zombies, the other team play the “survivors”.  Survivors “hole up” in the Farm.  Zombies attack, when a Zombie gets “killed” he/she goes back to the start and re-spawns and continues to attack.  When a Survivor gets hit he/she is eliminated from the game.  Game ends when all Survivors have been eliminated.  Keep rotating teams until all teams have played as the survivors.  The team that lasts the longest is the winner.


Hi Mom

Group Size: Any Size
# or teams: 2
Duration: 15 Minutes
Field/s used: Any
Objective: Eliminate the opposite team or any other “normal” objective, flag etc.
Rules / General Description: This game is for groups that have a wide discrepancy between levels of play.  I.e. some of the group it is there first or second time playing and there are others in the group that play regularly.  The game starts as normal, however, before you can shoot at any opponent you must wave at them and they must wave back.  At which time you can both start shooting at each other. All other rules are the same. 


Group Size: 10 or more
# or teams: 2
Duration: 15 Minutes or longer
Field/s used: Firebase
Objective: Have one member of your team occupy the inside of the “command” bunker for three (3) minutes.
Rules / General Description: Split up into 2 equal teams. Each team starts on opposite sides of the field.  Game starts.  If a team gets one, and only one, of their team members inside of the command bunker the timer starts.  He/she must “survive” for 3 minutes.  If the player leaves the bunker,  gets shot, or another member of his/her team enters the command bunker the timer resets.  Any player eliminated goes back to their starting area and re-spawns.  Game continues until one member of one team occupies the command bunker for a continuous 3 minutes.


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