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Optional Games of Play

Below are just a few of the games that have been played here.  You are welcome to come up with your own, as long as it conforms to our rules for safety.

These games are downloadable from Apocalypse Downloads


4 Team Tower

Group Size: 16 or more
# or teams: 4
Duration: 15 Minutes
Field/s used: Tower, Castle
Objective: Toss the flag off the top of the tower (Tower Field), Ring the Gong (Castle field)
Rules / General Description: Split up into 4 equal teams. Hang the flag under the tower (Tower Field). Place each team in each of the 4 corner bunker (Tower Field), or corner towers (Castle Field).   The goal is to get to the flag and toss it out of the top floor of the tower (Tower Field), ring the gong in the middle of the Castle Field (Castle Field).


Downed Pilot

Group Size: 15 or more
# or teams: 2
Duration: 20 Minutes or more
Field/s used: any large field
Objective: Save or kill the pilot
Rules / General Description: Split group into two equal teams.  One team is a rescue team out to save a downed pilot.  This team needs to pick one player to be the pilot. The pilot receives limited ammo (20 or so rounds) and goes out and hides on the far side of the playing field.  The rescue team’s goal is to get the pilot and bring him/her back to their starting area.  The “bad guys” are trying to capture or kill the pilot.  Try and start the game with the pilot, the rescue team, and the “bad guys” all in a big triangle. If possible the “bad guys” should be a little closer to the pilot than the rescue team. 


All on All

Group Size: any
# or teams: as many as there are players
Duration: 5 Minutes
Field/s used: any medium or large field
Objective: Be the last one standing
Rules / General Description: The entire group stands in the middle of the field.  When the ref says go each player may not fire, but move quickly anywhere on the field.  After a preset time, usually 20 seconds, the ref will yell again.  Players will commence shooting.  The last player alive wins.  


Bachelor Run

Group Size: any
# or teams: 2
Duration: Very quick
Field/s used: any
Objective: Shoot the Bachelor
Rules / General Description: The group splits into two teams.  The bachelor (and maybe the best man) vs. the remaining members of the group.  This can be played with the bachelor armed or unarmed.  The goal of the bachelor is to get from one side of the field to the other (and get shot as little as possible). The goal of the other team is to shoot the bachelor.  Please this is meant to be a “good” experience, please don’t get carried away. 



Group Size: 10 or more
# or teams: 2
Duration: 10 to 30 Minutes
Field/s used: any
Objective: Don’t get shot
Rules / General Description:  Split the group evenly into two teams.  Each team starts on opposite ends of the field.  If you get shot, put your gun up, yell “I am hit” and run to the opposite teams starting area.  You are now on their team.  The game ends when all players are on the same team. 

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