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How much does the average day cost?  Please refer to the "Typical Costs for a Day of Paintball"

How long do we play?  Most players spend between three to six hours out here.  Please refer to the Typical Day of Paintball

How do we make a reservation?  Please refer to “Reservations” 

When are you open?  Please refer to “Hours of Operation

Do you have any discounts?  Please refer to “Discounts for Paintball”  

What kind of paintball guns do you rent?   We rent the Tippmann 98 custom paintball marker

What age do you need to be to play paintball?  10 years old is the minimum age.  Any player 17 or younger needs a wavier signed by a legal guardian

Do women play paintball?  Yes they do, we have bachelorette parties out here as well as family outings.

Do you have night games?  No

Can I come alone or with a group of less than 10 players?  Yes. We have a walk-ons 7 days a week in season (March through October) and on weekends all year.  We just take all the walk-ons and split them into two teams and play.  On weekends where there are an large number of walk-ons we split them into two separate groups. One more experienced, to play against each other. And one with newer players to play against each other.

Do you allow smoke grenades/bombs?  Absolutely not!!!

Can we drink (alcohol)?  You are welcome to drink after you are completely done playing.  Please do not show up intoxicated, alcohol and guns do not mix. 

What about food?  There is Subway, and McDonalds just over the bridge (1 minute away), and Rocky’s 3 miles south. We have frozen pizzas, soda, chips, and candy bars for sale.  You are welcome to bring your own food.  There are grills, freezers, refrigerators and power if you need them.  Again please no drinking until you are completely done playing.

How far are you away from Madison?  We are 18 minutes from East Towne, 31 minutes from the capital and about 45 minutes from the far west side.  Please refer to “Directions to Apocalypse

How do I get there?  Please refer to “Directions to Apocalypse

Do you take credit cards?  Yes, Visa and MasterCard

Do you take checks? Yes

What happens if it rains?  We get wet.  If you have made a reservation you are welcome to reschedule (please refer to reservation policies

Is this an indoor or outdoor field?  All of our fields are outdoor

Are you open in the winter?  Yes  “Hours of Operation

What do we wear?  Dress for the weather, in summer I recommend wearing two layers on top.   Loose fitting thick jeans for pants, and a large T-shirt and a large flannel type shirt (not to heavy / warm) on top.  I also recommend ankle supporting footwear although 99% of my customers wear tennis shoes.  Some players wear gloves, some male players rent belt pouches to cover their groin.  Some players wear hats (make sure there is good air flow between the hat and the goggles to prevent fogging). All players must wear paintball approved eye protection  (we have them for rent here, they are part of the standard equipment rental package)

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In Season: March - October Walk-ons and Reservations 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Sunday
Out of Season: November - February Walk-ons 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. Reservations 9:00 - 5:00 Monday - Sunday

Address: Apocalypse Paintball Inc. W9496 County Road CS Poynette, WI 53955

 Phone Number: 608-635-7324    Email: apocinc1@aol.com

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