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A Day at Apocalypse Paintball

Private Reserve Group


This is the “typical” day of paintball for the “average” private group of players.  “Typical” and “Average” are not usually in the vocabulary when talking about paintball parties. 

We have groups from ten to over two hundred players, twelve year old birthday parties, corporate outings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and family get together.  From ten to seventy six years old, both men and women,  it is hard to describe a typical group. Also, if you are new to our field take a look at the rules here at Apocalypse Paintball. 


The Jensen group.  Reservation for 16 players, Saturday 9:30.

The group starts showing up at 9:15.   One of the Apocalypse staff meets them at the wavier table, where the players that have not downloaded the waivers off the website are filling them out. 

Mr. Jenson comments there will be 15 players, 4 of which are here now and the reminder will be here shortly.   When the entire groups arrives and their waivers are filled out the group enters the main building.  Each individual receives his or her equipment and heads out to the deck for the 10 minute orientation video.  After the video, questions are asked and answered about safety, storage of keys, where to go etc.

The group receives their paint (ammo) and heads out to the staging area and grabs their own corner of the world.  The referee helps them to load their paint. Then to the target range to double check that all the equipment is all shooting at the correct velocity (don’t forget to put your goggles on).  Then the group heads out to the field. 

Sometimes the players have an idea of where they would like to play other times the referee makes suggestions.  After a brief description of the game, and field boundaries, the group splits into two teams.  Each team then  heads out to their starting positions.  “TEAM ONE ARE YOU READY?…. TEAM TWO ARE YOU READY?…..  BOTH TEAMS ARE READY!!!!!  THREE….. TWO….. ONE…. GO… GO…. GO!!!!!!!!   And the teams run to their positions and start shooting at their opponents…. Each game can last less than 2 minutes to as long as 30 minutes depending on the field and the aggressiveness of the players. 

Groups are welcome to play as many or as few games as they would like… After an hour of playing the Jenson group comes back into staging (don’t forget to put that barrel plug back in)  Reload, grab a soda or water, wipe paint off and brag about how good a player you were.  Then back onto the field.  Three or four times out and 500 rounds of paint later the group come in for the last time.  They take a few group pictures and hand in equipment. 

The costs involved for this day are listed on our “Detailed price list” page.  

The costs of a typical day are explained on our “Typical costs of a day of paintball” 



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